Fully-managed creator marketing

Score all the benefits micro-influencer marketing—with none of the hard work!If you have a budget of 25K+ (including products & experiences) and prefer to let our experts manage every aspect of your campaign, this is for you.

We handle everything, so
you don't have to.

It takes a lot to manage successful micro-influencer
marketing campaigns. We've got you covered!

Campaign strategy
Influencer selection
Messaging & negotiation
Content review

It all starts with premium onboarding.

We're here to make sure your influencer marketing campaigns deliver the highest ROAS. We begin by studying your campaign brief and connecting with you to ensure we have a deep understanding of your brand and your goals.

Then, we're off to scour our pool of verified creators to find your perfect matches! We'll combine powerful predictive analytics and manual creator review, bringing you the best.

You get a dedicated account manager.

Your account manager is responsible for the success of your collabs, making sure all the moving parts come together just how they should.You'll have a single point of contact, offering highly personalized service throughout your campaign.

You're in the loop at all times.

It's your brand—you deserve full transparency. That's why you'll have full access to theplatform and the ability to see exactly what we're doing, every step of the way.Want us to handle content review? No prob. Prefer to review each piece of content yourself before it goes live? You got it.

See how platform works

We'll ensure every piece of content is on brand and on time, every time.

Like simplicity? You'll love our single invoice.

Paying dozens of invoices to individual creators can be a serious hassle. With our fully-managed service, you get a single invoice, and our team handles the payouts for all your collabs.

Benefit from insightful reporting.

At the end of your campaign, we provide a report with a detailed breakdown of your results so you get a crystal-clear picture of your ROI.We'll also provide key findings and strategic insights that can be applied toyour next campaigns.

Ready to launch your
fully-managed campaign?

With PitchBoard's fully-managed creator marketing,
you get all the perks with none of the hard work!

Get people talking
Build your tribe
Expand your reach
Grow your brand

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